Creativity was never mainstream...

...until now.

Mainstream delivers high quality websites with creativity in mind.

We are Mainstream.

We are a creative web development startup based in Kampen, the Netherlands, from where we develop, publish and maintain a range of products for our clients and customers.

What do you actually do then?

Mainstream creates websites, client portals, administrative management software, web applications and other online products to boost your company. Besides products, we also offer services that help you get the most out of your other Mainstream products. We offer live help, an extensive client environment, easy online invoices, remote site management and much more.

We don't call ourselves creative for no reason.

We create design-first.

Why Mainstream?

Do we need to say more?

We have all

Mainstream offers all-in-one SAAS solutions for managing your business. If that's not really your cup of tea, we also just build websites.

Small company, big infrastructure

We may not be your typical web development company, but we have some big-boy tricks up our sleeves. We offer a complete off-site management solution, full customization options, an extensive Client Portal API and a reliable CDN-powered package management service.

Intuitive, user-friendly API

A safespace fit for everyone

The Mainstream Web Portal is your very own environment to manage everything about your relationship with MainstreamCT.

Remote management made easy

For all kinds of management tasks concerning your website, we offer the MainSurve Manager: an easy way of servicing your website. We built in user management, a blog module and much more.

Here to help

We like to listen to, and design with our clients.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Clients like us, too.

Hear them out or see for yourself.


spav is the most audiovisual company you'll ever meet.

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Visit spav.

Fancy designs are free with us.

Share your wishes and we create.

We don't bite

and we're happy to help you.

If you're still worried about your safety, you can write us from your safe spot. We respond to e-mails and phone calls, too!

Jacob Catsstraat 34
8265 XX Kampen
The Netherlands

KvK 71008810

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